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Zack, 22 - Bristol

I mainly like vodka, festivals, sleeping in lectures and Big Macs.





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I’m watching Drinking Buddies and I shouldn’t be allowed to watch Olivia Wilde films because I turn into a gibbering wreck of a man.

She is a goddess.


Oh shit Computation by Dismantle’s just come on shuffle and I’m having sooo many really vivid flashbacks from Annie Mac’s set at Besti 2012. I’d just tried MD for the first time and there was a man with bright green hair and orange face paint and I’ve never bounced so much in my life haha.

Fucking hell that night was massive, I’ve never been more fucked in my entire life.

When she played Ripgroove I think I had an out of body experience.

ALSO, judging from that photo we were right next to you? Small world!

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I’m on the way back to Bristol and feeling so relieved that I got to move in with the boys and didn’t have to do extended living with my parents because I definitely would have gone crazy and instead I’m so happy and comfortable and excited for these next few months. Praise the lord for thiscouldbetoday really.

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"the bill murray stuff is like santa not being real x1000. my heart and soul hurt"
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I have no idea how I didn’t see any of this in 2008 when it was seemingly reported in loads of different places! I only read a story a few days ago (even posted it on here) about Bill Murray standing up to Gene Hackman’s bullying and yet now it seems like he’s done some nefarious shit. 

Never would I have imagined Bill Murray would be like Sean Penn…


so you gonna drag chris browns name in the dirt but get star struck when someone mentions bill murray huh?


Oh wow, I did not know Bill Murray did all this stuff…shit.

He always seemed like a good guy.


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Now I really wanna go to one. Dem interesting facts.

Joy, you must discover these!

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